Broken, but still good.

For my first blog post, I didn't intend it to be something sad, but this is the kind of raw thing happening in my life right now.

Today we let go. Almost two years ago we opened our hearts to a sad, nearly broken dog. She had a lot of damage, and baggage, but we saw something in her... she was like us. We were damaged too. After losing our baby, and then getting and losing our fur baby so shortly after... we knew she would be a good fit, because we understood her. We were all a little broken, but still good. So we called her Stitch.

We saw her health improve tremendously in the next few months, and we had quite a bit of good time with her. The emotional and mental wounds were still there. She trusted us, but her fear of being hurt, abandoned and abused were still right there, and they came out at times. Stitch loved Aria, but because of her fear of being hurt, she couldn't love her well. Which is something that Aria wanted so badly! She got so excited to see Stitch and say hi to her every morning, but because of someone else's sin, my daughter could never properly hug her puppy. She was never able to play with her.

Someone out there had an animal that they was in their care, but instead of a warm, loving home, they showed her anger, impatience, and hate. Stitch's body began to fail her more and more. The internal damage could not be undone. So now instead of watching her continue to struggle with the day to day things, we had to say goodbye. We will miss you Stitch. We were blessed to have you in our family.

Please, teach your children to be nice to animals (and be nice to them yourself). There is nothing about being aggressive towards an animal that makes you appear cool or macho, and pets are NOT there to be your punching bag when you're upset. These are living creatures that God trusted us with.

We have no regrets about adopting a rescue dog. I wholeheartedly believe in "adopt... don't shop". There are so many lovable dogs out there that need a home, and have the potential to be the best companions! If you're thinking of getting a dog, please consider a few things. Check out the shelters close to you. There are so many that you might not know of. Most of them have websites or Facebook pages that stay up to date about the animals that currently need to be homed.

Puppies are cute and fun. There is nothing wrong with having one... who doesn't love adorable, cuddly puppies and kittens? However, one thing to consider with a puppy is whether or not the excitement is going to wear off once it's full grown. Will someone still want to feed, play with, and walk it when you're 7 months in? Or will your full grown "puppy" be alone in the yard as something to play with no more than once a week? I know it's not the case for nearly everyone, but it is a sad reality for far too many. These are a lot of the dogs that end up in shelters. If you wouldn't get an adult dog, then why get a puppy? Adult dogs are not automatically ruined. With time, love, and attention, you could have the best new addition to your family.

A few senior animals rescues in Southern Manitoba:

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