Living life in RAW

Dare I even say the word "2020"? It will probably go down in history as this generation's darkest year, and with the most negative feelings attached to it! We all know the details of the lockdowns and separation, so I won't go into that. I'm here to talk about how photos fit into that. Life is unpredictable. We never know how much more time we're going to get with the people we care about. The last year left a lot of people looking at old photos of the people they were no longer allowed to see.

There are a few things that hold memory like nothing else... scents, tastes, and photos! A flood of memories can rush back to you when smelling dad's cologne, tasting grandma's soup, seeing a photo of the old family farm. Those are things we treasure forever. Photos are one that we can make sure to have preserved!

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.” - Aaron Siskind

The value of a photo... the memory of being with someone when for whatever reason, we can't anymore... it becomes priceless. I want to help you save those priceless moments for the rest of time. This is one reason I have chosen to steer away from posed photos, and shoot lifestyle photography. I want to show what your relationships really look like between your loved ones. Genuinely happy smiles at each other, instead of forced "cheesing" at the camera. Bear hugs and snuggles, instead of stiff poses that will give the kids ants in their pants.

"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still."

-Dorothea Lange

This also relates to why I have chosen the motto "shoot raw, speak raw". This has been my inner mantra for a while now. Allow me to explain: For those of you who don't know, RAW is an image file format used by most professional photographers. It doesn't look near as good right out of the camera as a JPG does, but shooting in this format collects more data, and that file has not been processed, altered, or manipulated in the camera. This allows you to produce a higher quality image, and shape it into the most beautiful version of it possible in the post-processing phase. If your camera is set to shoot in JPG as the average person's is, the files have already been processed and compressed, and they look... satisfactory.

These are the types of photos I want in every way... RAW and real. I see this in the same way with the interactive based photos I take. I collect quite a bit of data from my clients ahead of time to get a feel for their family dynamics, and what is important to each individual. I don't want to capture an altered, perfect version of my clients. I want to see your real, raw personalities and dynamics... as "imperfect" as they may be.

That's also how I want to live my life. I never want my speech to be compressed, or have someone else process it for me. I want to speak RAW... have the most amount of data I can before speaking, not let anyone else alter it for me, and take the time necessary to carefully process everything so it can come out in the beautiful way!

I think that *the year that shall not be named* has brought out a lot of different sides of each of us. For many of us, it's probably brought out sides we're not proud of. There have been many days in the past few months where I was not impressed with myself at the end of the day. To be honest, some of the "settings" lately have not looked good! I've had to make some big adjustments. But I'm still a work in progress. In the words of my husband "throw out the game tape, and do better tomorrow". I don't ever want to put on a front of everything being perfect when it's not, so I'm committed to being RAW with the people around me. The best artist I know is working on me, so one day, the tweaks will be complete, and He'll have made the most beautiful image possible out of me. Until then, it is my passion to preserve those special moments for you, of this crazy, beautiful life.

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