New year, same old me.

So it's a week into the new year now, and it seems that your old habits did not disappear with 2019... you are still the same version of yourself that you were last year, despite all the things you set out to achieve in 2020. You yelled at your husband yesterday even though you were dedicated to being more patient this year. You ate McDonald's on January 1st even though you were sure that you were going to make healthier choices this year (nowhere to go from there except up, right?). You spent all weekend watching Netflix even though you promised to get out and be more social. You went straight to bed when you got home, despite having dedicated to spending time in devotions every night. You let that person trample all over you even though you told yourself 2020 was the year that you would use your voice to break the toxic dynamics in your life. So now you "failed". You couldn't even make it a week. Guess what? No human can change overnight! Did you know that on average it takes 66 days to form a new habit? And that is just the average. Depending on the kind of behaviour you want to modify, it can reportedly take up to 254 days! So give yourself a little slack. The year has just begun. You have 359 chances to do better.

God gives us countless chances to try again. He says "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." All we have to do is accept the grace that He offers, and try to do better today. The point is to not give up. We keep starting over after it seems that we failed. Keep humbling yourself by accepting grace. Yes, we are weak, we won't always succeed, but that is where God is powerful! God gives us the power to overcome our seemingly unmovable obstacles through Him, if we ask. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13. We can't do these things on our own. If you need someone to help remind you of these promises, and lift you up in prayer on the days you feel defeated, get an accountability partner with similar goals that you have. So tomorrow morning when you get up, I hope you remember the new chance you have been given to start a positive habit through God's grace.

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