When the guy in your life "hates pictures".

Us photographers hear so often "my boyfriend hates pictures", "I wish my husband would agree to do that haha". The way I see it, there are several reasons as to why men have a tendency to feel this way. If you want to change his opinion, we need to narrow down the reason, and pinpoint what it is that makes the idea of having photos taken uncomfortable for him.

Is it... -The idea of having a stranger in his face with a camera? -Having to show up and pretend to be happy? -Wearing clothes he dislikes, to do something he doesn't want to do? -Being put in awkward, stiff poses?

Photography has changed so much over the years! My guess is that some of this hatred of the camera comes from childhood photo time when he was told to sit still in a perfect pose and smile... or else! We've all been there... that's just how it worked lol most of us weren't taught back then that it was okay to be ourselves in front of the camera. I can assure you, this is not what a session with me will be like (even though like many, that's how I started out). My photo shoots are customized to each of my clients by sending you a detailed questionnaire beforehand. I strive to make every session an experience! A fun, relaxed atmosphere for everyone with lots of interaction between you, light posing, and natural prompts!

You should look back on your photos and think "that's so us!". Want to use your quad in photos? Cool! Let's do it! Want to sit around a fire in your backyard? Done. Your absolute favorite activity is eating pizza? Make the order! Want to play catch with your kid? Go for it! Have a special leather jacket that's just "you"? Wear it! Dresses aren't your thing? No problem, rock your favorite jeans, leggings... whatever is you!

Make sure that your guy is comfortable with the personality of the photographer you're hiring. Is he more comfortable with a calmer, quieter personality, or one who's going to make fart jokes, and dance behind the camera to try to crack him up... or someone in between? I believe there's a photographer out there for everyone, but no photographer is the right fit for absolutely everyone. If you're not sure whether or not I'd be the right fit to really get you or your man relaxed and comfortable during a photo shoot, don't hesitate to ask me questions about it! If you like, we can always do a no-pressure video call, or coffee consult to find out.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to have photos with their loved ones that perfectly showcases the love between them!

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